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The Glass Book

Valerie Fox

Texture Press, 2010
Cover art: There’s One in Every Crowd
by Pamela Hill

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ISBN-13: 978-0979757389
ISBN-10: 097975738X
81 pages
Measures 8 x 6.25 inches

The Glass Book, Valerie Fox’s latest collection of brilliant poetry, scintillates a surrealism juxtaposed with a perfectly clear and grounded sensibility. An accident has to be somebody’s fault. Maybe, Dietrich straddles silent pictures and talkies hypnotically, but Fox is an acrobat, a high wire act, who is able to straddle and hold onto flashes of images and words, hypnotically, seemingly effortlessly; she risks but doesn’t fall, she never fails her readers. She startles and delights with a highly developed sense of humor, of deep-rooted truth. Fox’s work is as ‘normal,’ and as accessible and substantial as Bertha Palermo’s noodles and as unexpected as a fish disaster in your toaster oven.

This work is no ephemeral thing.

                                                                       —Lydia Cortés

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The lite version may be downloaded for free as PDF file: The Glass Book

Journal Anthology

The Red Room: Writings from Press 1

Arlene Ang, Valerie Fox
and Jordan Schilling, Editors

Straw Gate Books, 2010
Cover art: Bunny Pressure
by Denise Scicluna

available for $16 on Straw Gate Books,
SPD and

ISBN-13: 978-0977378661
ISBN-10: 0-9773786-6-7
130 pages
Measures 9 x 7 inches

Poetry. Fiction. Literary Nonfiction. The Red Room features short fiction, poetry and opinion from the first three volumes of Press 1, the magazine of innovative writing. Contributors include Bill Kushner, Jayne Pupek, Maurice Oliver, Lewis Warsh, Changming Yuan, Ruth Altmann, Stephanie Gray, Sean Lovelace, Nicole Cartwright Denison, Leonard Gontarek, Andrew Mossin, Lydia Cortes, Lynn Levin, Meg Pokrass, Elizabeth Thorpe, Miriam Kotzin, John Grey, John Vick, and many others.

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